Enter the wave of smartphones and tablets. Anytime, anywhere access is now expected.

Employees want their personal devices to work alongside company-furnished ones. They also want to move their laptops from desk to conference room without losing access to important files on the network. Ultimate productivity results, yet security issues leave IT departments with due concern. Open networks beckon threats. Let the ProSys experts ensure your mobile policies and technologies offer the protection you need while still meeting the demands of today’s mobile workforce.


  • Bring your own device (BYOD) strategy
  • Mobile device management
  • Provisioning for field workers
  • Guest access
  • Mobile security


  • 50 borderless certifications
  • 25,000+ field workers deployed with wireless devices
  • 500+ offices up and running on wireless networks
  • Partners you know… Cisco, HP, EMC, Citrix
  • prosys-cisco-endpointThink about how the number and diversity of endpoints on corporate networks have grown exponentially just in the past five years. As a point of reference, keep in mind that the iPad is only about six years old.

    In addition to laptops, most employees carry multiple mobile devices to perform specific sets of tasks. Organizations are constantly collecting and analyzing data from Internet-connected corporate assets, equipment and sensors. Most of these endpoints were not designed with security in mind. As cyberattacks grow in frequency and sophistication, organizations are scrambling to catch up.

    Research from a well-established provider of IT security solutions makes it clear that most organizations still have a lot of work to do. Only 33 percent of surveyed IT professionals said their organizations have an endpoint security strategy. Only 40 percent are confident that all endpoints connected to the network are receiving security updates in a timely manner.

    That doesn’t mean these organizations are completely ignoring endpoint security. The problem is that endpoint security has largely focused on antivirus, which is nowhere near enough to protect these devices and control access to the network. Neither is perimeter security. Most legacy endpoint security tools are all about prevention and do little to detect or respond to threats. An integrated, multilayer security solution is required.

    Fortunately, the endpoint security market has grown as a number of vendors have introduced new, next-generation tools. But not all of these tools are created equal, so it’s important to look for certain features and capabilities when evaluating endpoint security solutions. An effective solution should be able to block malware and prevent it from spreading without bogging down IT with false positives. It should be able to automatically analyze and correlate data from a variety of sources, and detect and investigate abnormalities across multiple endpoints. IT should then be able to remotely contain and remediate threats.

    At the recent Cisco Partner Summit in San Francisco, Cisco unveiled Cisco AMP for Endpoints, promising a new, more comprehensive approach to endpoint security. Solutions that focus solely on prevention force organizations to add layers of security products to improve endpoint visibility and respond to threats. As a result, it takes organizations, on average, more than 100 days to detect an existing threat.

    Cisco AMP for Endpoints combines prevention, detection and response functionality into one cloud-managed solution. Reduced complexity means faster detection, faster response, and less damage. Continuous monitoring and analytics enable security teams to be alerted quickly to malicious code and activity based upon the latest threat intelligence. Cisco AMP for Endpoints also provides deep visibility and historical data about malware behavior and origins that allow for a systemic, swift response to attacks.

    From smartphones and tablets to Internet of Things devices, the high number and variety of endpoints on the average network create complexity that can make it difficult to implement effective security tools and strategies. Let ProSys’ certified Cisco engineers and consultants show you how Cisco AMP for Endpoints can tighten up your endpoint security strategy.

    by Michael Hritz