Dell EMC Unveils PowerEdge 14th Generation Servers

According to the recent ESG 2017 IT Transformation Maturity Curve study, organizations that have achieved the most progress in their digital transformation initiatives are seven times more likely to view IT as a competitive differentiator. These initiatives prioritize modern infrastructure that can improve security and efficiency while enabling innovation to support new business models. With […]

What to Look for in Midrange All-Flash Storage Arrays

Midsize organizations tend to have lower storage requirements than large enterprises, and are concerned about storage costs, ease of management and data migration. That doesn’t mean they’re willing to sacrifice performance, scalability and business continuity, which traditionally has required tradeoffs when considering midrange storage platforms. Now Dell EMC is expanding its industry-leading midrange storage portfolio with […]

7 Benefits of an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy

Today’s enterprise has no borders. The pace of business continues to accelerate, thanks in part to a mobile workforce and constantly connected customers. Competition is getting more intense. Providing a product or service immediately, effectively and efficiently is now a requirement, not an aspiration. If you want to avoid being left behind, you can’t wait […]

Why K-12 Education Is Embracing Collaborative Learning

The traditional K-12 educational model involves mostly one-way communication. The teacher stands in front of the class and delivers a lecture. Students are then given assignments and tests, and mastery of a subject is based on correct responses. Collaborative learning is a complete 180 from the traditional model. Collaborative learning emphasizes interaction among groups of […]

Take Full Advantage of Flash with NVMe Technology

  As organizations progress with their digital transformations, they’re likely to see substantial increases in the usage of applications, such as high-definition video and big data analytics, that demand high performance. At the same time, data and traffic volumes continue to increase exponentially. Legacy infrastructure just isn’t capable of meeting such performance demands or storing […]

Why Contact Centers are Critical During Mergers and Acquisitions

The dollar value of global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity totaled $5.7 trillion in 2015, an all-time high. After declining somewhat in 2016, activity is off to a strong start in 2017. The spike in M&A activity is largely attributed to higher earnings, sales growth and increased confidence among CEOs. If the current pace is maintained […]