3-D Printing Is Poised to Go Mainstream

Last month, Ford announced that it would be testing 3-D printing technology for manufacturing car parts so it could create customized cars and test new designs. A San Francisco startup recently built a 400-square-foot home in less than 24 hours for about $10,000 using 3-D printing. An Albuquerque Veteran’s Affairs hospital is using their 3-D […]

Device-as-a-Service Helps Control Costs and Simplify Management

IT departments devote significant time and resources to procuring, monitoring and managing desktop PCs, mobile devices and other endpoints. This is particularly true in K-12 schools as they roll out more devices to students to support personalized, one-to-one learning initiatives. Schools have limited budgets to support the capital expense of procuring technology that is constantly […]

Why Collaboration Is Essential in Today’s Contact Center

Ever interact with a contact center agent who relied heavily upon a script? Odds are it wasn’t the best experience. Scripted interactions tend to lack personality, even if the agent inserts your name at the appropriate points. Such interactions can also be extremely frustrating if the script doesn’t align with your needs and the agent […]

How All-Flash Arrays Deliver Business Benefits Beyond Performance

            Many organizations are struggling to deal with the two-headed monster created by rapidly growing volumes and increased performance demands. This is driving the shift from traditional disk storage to all-flash storage arrays. In fact, disk storage could be going the way of the dodo bird — the all-flash array [...]

The Rising Tide of DDoS Attacks in K-12 and What to Do about Them

School districts nationwide are increasingly targeted by Digital Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks — floods of network traffic that sap bandwidth and prevent legitimate access to computer systems and data. DDoS attacks are often launched by cybercriminals for blackmail or revenge. In some cases, hackers seek to bring down the networks of government agencies or […]

How IoT Gateways Enable Computing at the Network Edge

Think of the business value that can be gained by using sensors to gather real-time data from manufacturing equipment, wind turbines, oil rigs, tractor-trailers, trains, and various other assets in the field. Location, temperature, pressure, fuel levels, images and other information can be used to automatically track, manage and maintain assets, maximize productivity, improve safety, […]

Pure Storage FlashBlade: An All-Flash Solution for Unstructured Data

High performance has always been and continues to be the calling card for flash storage. However, as flash technology enters the mainstream with increased capacity, density and scalability, organizations are looking at other use cases. Unstructured data, which is growing at a much faster rate that unstructured data, is equal parts opportunity and challenge. The […]