Government Agencies and the Cloud: Overcoming the Security Obstacle

Seventy-eight percent of organizations are using or planning to use cloud services, according to IDC’s CloudView Survey 2016, which confirms what we suspected – cloud computing is now mainstream. Digging deeper into the data, IDC researchers noticed a second wave of cloud adoption. While early adopters of the cloud focused largely on cost savings, more […]

How Secure Is Your Agency’s Printing Environment?

When you think of different types of security threats, printers probably aren’t high on your list. But printers do pose a serious security threat, and government agencies are taking notice. In a recent survey by the Center for Digital Government, 37 percent of government IT officials said their printers were more vulnerable than other network […]

How Cisco Spark Is Making Meetings More Efficient and Productive

Research has shown that organizations waste about 15 minutes per meeting because of ineffective technology. Time is wasted while people try to connect to the meeting. Time is wasted while each remote participant announces that they’ve joined the meeting. Time is wasted tracking down the agenda and reviewing and aggregating meeting notes. Time is wasted […]

How Hyper-Convergence Makes VDI a More Viable Option

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has long had a compelling value proposition. It allows you to quickly deploy desktop environments from centralized servers and deliver them to end-users in virtually any location. VDI simplifies provisioning, management, support and updates, and minimizes downtime — if there’s a problem with an update, simply revert to a previous version. […]

How Project RED Supports Technology-Driven 1:1 Initiatives

In a previous post, we discussed why K-12 schools are struggling with the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend. BYOD could potentially create distractions and enable cheating, and both parents and teachers have voiced objections. BYOD also adds a massive layer of complexity to already strained IT personnel who have to figure out how to manage, secure and […]

State Government IT Leaders Identify Priorities, Part 1

The technology needs, priorities and challenges of government agencies are not that different from enterprises. Generally speaking, government agencies are under pressure to do more with less while maximizing productivity and operational efficiency. They struggle to meet ever-increasing expectations from employees and constituents and adapt to new service delivery models. They’re constantly under attack from […]

How Visualization and Orchestration Help Offset Network Complexity

Diagnosing and remediating network faults has always been difficult. Now, network administrators must attempt to detect and correct performance issues across a mind-boggling array of devices, applications and connections. Users may be connected via the LAN or internal Wi-Fi network, or remotely via the public Internet or cellular. Applications and services shift between virtual machines […]