Retail IT Solutions

ProSys helps meet the demands of today’s retail environment through best-of-breed technology solutions, robust security and turnkey integration and deployment capabilities.

Retailers are under ever-increasing pressure to meet customer expectations for on-demand access to products, services and information. Retailers must leverage information and communications technology to create competitive advantage, improve sales and build trust by delivering an omnichannel customer experience based upon speed, personalization and convenience.

ProSys has the unmatched ability to help retailers meet these goals. Its portfolio companies have helped organizations improve communications and customer service and ensure that the right products are at the right location at the right time. At the same time, ProSys helps protect against security threats and ensures networks meet PCI compliance requirements.

ProSys unique integration center capabilities serve as a one-stop resource for the integration and delivery of multivendor solutions. ProSys provides configuration, testing, staging, warehousing and logistics that enable the turnkey rollout of customized technology solutions anywhere in the world. ProSys Integration Center services are ideal for operating retail stores that cannot afford downtime for upgrades and new implementations.