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HPE for Digital Transformation Maturity

ProSys has maintained a strong partnership with HPE since 1997. As an HPE Specialist, ProSys is HP Elite Storage and Blade authorized and has more than 150 key HPE technical certifications. The most critical component of the partnership is how ProSys and HPE engage to help customers fulfill their business objectives. Customers truly realize the ProSys/HPE difference.





ProSys delivers expert support to its HPE customers and displays an ongoing commitment to HPE technologies.


ProSys and HPE work together to help enterprises achieve digital transformation through edge and cloud-based technologies.


ProSys can help you maximize the value of HPE support contracts.


Certifications & Specializations


  • High Performance Computing Specialist
  • Gold Campus Mobility Specialist
  • Aruba Gold Campus Mobility Specialist
  • High Performance Computing Partner
  • HPE Master ASE - Hybrid IT Solutions
  • HPE Master ASE - Advanced Server Solutions Architect
  • HPE Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect
  • HPE ASE - Hybrid IT Solutions Architect
  • HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Architect
  • HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Integrator
  • HPE ASE - Hybrid IT Solutions Architect
  • HPE ASE - Server Solutions Architect
  • HPE ASE - Synergy Solutions Integrator
  • HPE ASE - Composable Infrastructure Integrator