ProSys Gains Global Capabilities

ProSys is now capable of supporting U.S. customers with international IT requirements through its investor, Pivot Technology Solutions, Inc. The new offerings focus primarily on projects in networking, virtualization and storage solutions for data centers.

Large companies with an extensive IT infrastructure require unified solutions across business and operational units, as well as multiple jurisdictions. Through its strategic business unit (SBU) model, Pivot assists customers in architecting and delivering complex solutions on a national scale, acting as the sole implementation and service partner. The company now has an international team to help customers duplicate their installations outside of the U.S. The company’s initial focus will be on projects in Europe and Canada, while exploring opportunities in other regions, such as Asia.

This new initiative is an extension of the SBU model, with Pivot taking on local purchasing, assembly, hardware installation and cabling, while providing its SBU engineers with the ability to install and configure software remotely. Business origination and customer interaction remain with Pivot’s U.S.-based teams that have well-established relationships.

Customers who previously required a different integrator to implement complex projects outside of the U.S. can now rely on the company to deliver its proven solutions in an international setting. This reduces duplication of work, speeds up project implementation, simplifies cross-border transactions, and improves financial efficiency. Pivot’s international delivery capability differentiates the company, as only a few very large integrators have the ability to take on projects of similar scope and complexity.

“The rationale behind this initiative was simple; there is a very real and significant opportunity to generate additional business from existing customers,” said Warren Barnes, CEO of Pivot. “A substantial part of our revenue comes from Fortune 100 and other large, globally operating companies. In the past, we had frequently received requests from this customer group to assist them with their international IT/data center projects. Now, through our new international team — who have established relationships with local/regional vendors of the technologies we deploy in the U.S. — we are able offer customers a seamless extension to their domestic IT/data center activities.

“Recently, we assisted a customer with a data center project in Europe, which required the integration of technology from 11 different vendors. With the successful completion of this and a number of other complex international projects, we have built credibility in the market, which we expect to translate into growing momentum for our business. Although currently limited in scale, we believe that our international business has the potential of becoming an important contributor to group revenues.”