Effective 02 April 2007 : Congratulations to PROSYS INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC for meeting all criteria to achieve Advanced Unified Communications.

PROSYS INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC has met the resource requirements for Advanced Unified Communications and demonstrated that they are qualified to support customers with their Advanced Unified Communications in USA.

PROSYS INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC will be recognized for this specialization in the Cisco Partner Locator, located at: http://tools.cisco.com/WWChannels/LOCATR/jsp/partner_locator.jsp

Additional discount incentives are in place for partners who achieve one or more of the following advanced technology specializations (Advanced Unified Communications, Advanced Wireless, or Advanced Security). For more information on discount eligibility, and special ordering, please visit the following URL, located at: http://www.cisco.com/web/partners/program/specializations/policies.html

Cisco values the commitment and expertise that PROSYS INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC has demonstrated and looks forward to working together.