July 27, 2008 – ProSys is proud to have been invited to participate in Cisco’s pilot program for WebEx, allowing us not only to provide this additional product line, but ProSys services as well to our current and ever-expanding customer base. With the WebEx product line, ProSys gains an advantage over the competition within the collaboration market with the addition of yet another value-adding application available to customers of our already robust Cisco Unified Communications solutions.

New WebEx customers will find that the benefit of using WebEx is that it liberates you and your workforce from the time and geographical constraints that can limit the ability to get together in person. With this program, you can meet with anyone anywhere in real time over the web and enjoy rich interaction, just as if you were face-to-face. Presentations can be delivered in any format and documents and files are easily exchanged. While demonstrating or working together in any application, WebEx gives you the opportunity to share your desktop or remotely control another desktop while managing audio participation with in-meeting tools and feeding video.

ProSys’ Cisco Practice team is currently working with WebEx on a rollout plan in order to provide the necessary training to the sales force and technical teams. Please stay tuned for further info.

About WebEx
WebEx Communications, Inc. is the market leader in driving real-time communication and collaboration on the web. The company delivers a robust suite of on-demand business applications that dramatically increase efficiencies in both customer-facing and internal business processes. Trust WebEx to maximize the productivity of your global workforce and to help you meet your most ambitious goals for marketing, sales, training and support.