Depot & Disposition

ProSys does more than simply manage the cumbersome process of handling outdated IT equipment. We tailor our services to meet clients’ specific needs, saving them time, energy, and effort. ProSys obtains internal and external access to make shipping and picking up retired IT equipment a no brainer. Our team adheres to an efficient process, ensuring that pickups and deliveries are successful and hassle free. We will go to a client’s site to secure all equipment prior to pickup.

Inventory Management

ProSys does a piece count of all equipment before transporting inventory. The product goes through checkpoints during the entire inventory management process. Upon arrival at one of our processing centers, all serial numbers and asset tags are recorded. ProSys provides a Customer Equipment Receipt that will enable our clients to match our reports against any internal reports they may have.

Customized Reporting

Need a customized report? No problem. ProSys provides serialized reporting that includes manufacturer, model, CPU speed, memory, hard drive, size, etc. The reporting service is available for every IT asset processed by ProSys. Our reporting services, which can be accessed and tracked through a secure web portal, are custom-made according to each client’s specifications.

Security: Guaranteed Data Demolition

Through ProSys extensive security program, organizations are guaranteed that no confidential data remains from retired IT assets. The entire wiping procedure is done in a designated configuration space, where the process is monitored via closed-circuit television. All systems are placed on testing benches and booted from a diskette or CD to ensure none of our techs view any customer information. We also have the capacity to physically destroy hard drives, using degaussing equipment, drill presses, and shredders. Our process overwrites the hard drive three times according to the United States Department of Defense standard.

Environmental Disposal

From electronic assets to the shrink wrap and pallets, nothing at ProSys is ever thrown away. Our clients can be confident in the knowledge that our recycling is done safely, securely, and in compliance with local, state, federal, and international regulations. We adhere to a zero-landfill policy and partner with R2 Rios certified disposal experts.

Charitable Donation

The management of charitable donations is often one of the most cumbersome asset retirement strategies. ProSys will manage donation to the client’s selected charities and create the necessary tax documentation. We will also validate the 501( c ) (3) status for each charity. All these services reduce the complexity, cost, and risk associated with securely disposing of IT equipment. ProSys mission is to provide these services with the utmost attention to our clients, customers, community, and environment.