Resident Services

ProSys Professional Services include Resident Services that augment your current IT staff with technical experts. Our certified residents deepen your bench, provide specialized knowledge, and free your staff to focus on the core business.

Customer Lifecycle

ProSys Resident Services are an important part of the customer lifecycle. Our Technical Residents help your company run and optimize the solutions ProSys helped implement. Residents are part of our consulting network and hold more than 200 professional and expert certifications.

Technical Residents

Supplementing your in-house IT staff with ProSys Technical Residents will enable your organization to operate more efficiently as you adopt the technical innovations that are critical for success. Our experts have gained experience in a wide range of technologies through engagements across numerous environments and industries. Technical Resident personnel also have the capability to use the expertise of our knowledgeable ProSys Professional Service Organization to provide unmatched technical depth and breadth.

What Our Residents Deliver

A Professional Services Consultant provides technology expertise to optimize configurations, processes, and procedures. Residents also share knowledge with your company’s IT staff. With total control over these experts’ priorities and time, your company will have the flexibility to adjust resources to meet evolving business needs.